'Nostalgia' Exhibitions
Timisoara, Romania 6-12 July 2018

Athens, Greece 27 Aug - 2 Sept 2018

Exhibited in the Misc Arts Center and the Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus under the curation of Art Number 23.

Artists of various mediums and from different backgrounds are called to depict their remembrance of people, locations, experiences and feelings through their work. The exhibited artworks, cover subjects that relate to memories and the past, such as childhood and family bonds; experiences in abusing relationships; references to the music scene and the night life in the 90s; the exploration of our identities through our traditions; and more. Painters, sculptors, printmakers and photographers are expressing some of the private sides of their past, as they reveal their personal stories, and share them through their art.

'Ocean Symphonies'
Acrylic Seascape Abstraction 30x50cm on Wood Panel.

The nostalgic memory is from 1998 on the Isle of Iona in Scotland, a violinist is playing in a church hall behind the artist whilst he sits looking out to sea.  The movement of the waves seemed to be time to the music, an ocean symphony.

'Our Place in the Seven Heavens' Exhibition

Torquay UK 8-31st May 2019
Exhibited at the Artizan Gallery and curated by Becky Nuttall to support the 2019 English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark Festival. In Torbay the pull of the moon controls the tides “with amber hands”. The planets, or the Seven Heavens in medieval cosmology, inspire poets and artists. In this exhibition visual artists, poets and the community are invited to submit works, stories and contemplations on this theme to contribute to a collective response to our unique situation.

Acrylic Tidal Landscape on Wood, Framed 35x35cm

The painting is inspired by tidal landscapes, as they say the amber hands of the moon. I have spent a life time exploring, learning and capturing these important sites through academic studies in land managment, photography and now paintings. My style of abstract impressionism allows me to convey the essential elements experienced from tidal habitats. The silhouettes of distant tidal islands of mudflats, the foreshore and the open sky. I want the viewer to see what i see, feel what i feel in a serene dreamy state of meditation whilst sat upon the tidal shorelines.

'(In)visible' Exhibition

London UK 9-14th October 2018
Exhibited at the Espacio Gallery and curated by Atramental 
(In)visible will see the coming together of a group of international, emerging and accomplished artists who express life’s difficulties through artwork created as and for self-expression, communication and therapeutic release. Themes explored include those often thought of as taboo such as mental illness, addiction and suicide. Potential causes and triggers are investigated and covered in work about grief, abuse, domestic violence, LGBT issues and family breakdown. Artists have also expressed difficulties around long-term chronic pain, physical illness and disability including fibromyalgia, HIV and sight loss. As well as neurodiverse conditions including ADHD, autism and Tourette’s Syndrome.

'I Can Hear You'

Acrylic Figurative Abstraction on Grained Paper, Framed 35x44cm

Mental illness accompanies sightloss and the battle with your mind is often greater than the loss of your sight.  The painting explores the vulnerability of visually impaired people, whilst using a white cane.  The stares they get.  Unable to see their faces clearly, they have no idea if they are staring.  They can hear people better than they realise, they are talking about them.  They can hear them.

'Bath Life' Exhibition

City of Bath, UK 3 Aug - 1 Sept 2018

Exhibited & Curated by The Art Salon.

Drawing on many years working in London's Mayfair auction houses and galleries, Jeni Weinberger and her team will exhibit artists and artisans who are not just sensational but well considered and accomplished in their approach and execution.

'Freezing Hill'

Acrylic Landscape Abstraction on Wood Panel, Framed 33x50cm.
A landscape painting nodding to the artist's birthplace of Bath and his frequent visits to the city and surrounding countryside as a child.  It certainly gave him that feeling of 'coming full circle' to return to his birthplace some 4 decades later. Incidently, the location of the scene in his painting is the site of the English Civil War Battle of Lansdown fought on 5 July 1643.

'Thresholds' Exhibition

Thessaloniki, Greece 9-23 June 2018

Exhibited & Curated in the Gonzo Unit Gallery in Thessaloniki.

Featuring the work of 32 artists from 15 countries, the exhibition has been curated from an open call inviting artists to submit work which responds to, reflects, or is inspired in any way by the term ‘thresholds’. Taking the exhibition’s location, Thessaloniki, as an entry point, the term ‘thresholds’ has special significance. Situated at the gateway to Europe; in the region of Central Macedonia, it is a site of a rich shared history, with the Balkans to the north and Turkey towards the east. Today Greece is an arrival site for thousands of migrants and refugees, who enter the country via the Mediterranean sea and are unable to continue their journeys across the Balkans border. A threshold is primarily defined as a doorway; it marks a point of departure, and at its most positive, an opening to the possibilities of a new beginning. Yet in its physical state we are reminded that it remains an in-between place, both a link and a separator. Who can pass through a ‘threshold’ is heavily policed and politicised, both on a macro scale in terms of national border control, where, across the globe, borders continue to have an enduring yet permeable presence; and on a micro level the control and separation of bodies is invisibly embedded within our everyday public spaces, institutions, and systems.

'In moments like these'

Acrylic Seascape Abstraction on Wood Panel, Framed 33x50cm.

Inspired by the images shared worldwide of people crossing in boats, their orange life jackets standing out in photographs. Symbolising the crisis and dangers during the sea crossings for refugees fleeing their home countries, in pursuit of a better life. In the painting you see a wild ocean swell, making the actual boat hard to notice. The orange life jackets symbolised by small orange circles. Are they safe on a boat, have some gone overboard, are they discarded life jackets. The uncertainty of which conjuries up so many questions to the viewer of my painting. The title of the painting was inspired by an interview of a refugee that had crossed the wild ocean swell and quote 'in moments like these' whilst aboard a boat she did not know her fate and that of her son. She wondered if in fact they had not put themselves in more peril. It certainly left an impression on the artist.

'Ideal Destinations' Exhibition

Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire UK 3-29 Oct 2018

Exhibited in the Town Hall and curated by ARTbound Community

‘People don’t take trips, trips take people’ - John Steinbeck
With this travel themed exhibition in mind, we will be displaying art and photogaphy of local and regional creators to show where they’ve explored, what they’ve fallen in love with and how many hidden corners they’ve stumbled across this summer, or during recent travels. With summer 2018 in our most recent memories, we intend on sparking those nostalgic and reminiscent day-dreams, to help you look forward to your next adventures!


Acrylic Seascape / Dockyards Abstraction on Wood Panel, Framed 30x46cm

An ideal destination, the artist visited Thessaloniki this summer as part of an art exhibition. The trip was fully funded by his followers so he could join his painting for it's preview night. Inspired by the beautiful coastal city with it's very relaxed atmosphere. The painting captures a moment of arrival, sitting upon the seawall and looking out to the distant dockyards. A moment of realisation that he had arrived and the feeling of relaxation sat under an olive tree in the summer heat. A moment he'll never forget. An invitation by the gallery to exhibit his work there in June 2018, led him to create this painting upon returning home. A salute to Thessaloniki, it's beautiful streets and kind people. A place he will definitely return to one day, it's warmth and memories still fresh in his mind.