'losing my sight not my vision'

Starting in 2012, I wandered the streets of Portsmouth looking for inspiration from the city life and architecture.  I could be found sketching on street corners and was often mistaken for a vagrant.  I continued this self-taught practise alone until 2014, when I then created a community group inviting others to join me on my wanders.  I was joined by a dozen sketchers at a time on good days and had a hundred members interested in the free to attend meets.  After struggling to see my surroundings anymore, I decided to close the group in June 2017. I now continue to capture my environment using my camera, whenever I wander. These photographs taken with the autofocus lens are essential to creating my paintings at home.
The sight loss began back in 2010, I was diagnosed with a non-treatable eye condition.  By 2014, I had lost the vision in just my left eye.  Sadly by 2016, I had lost the central vision in both my eyes and I am now registered as partially blind. I continue to master my art whilst facing the daily challenges of visual loss.  I remain determined to find a way forward with my artworks, which are core to my existence.
These days I have adopted a more painterly style which allows for texture with the brush, together with my own scrape techniques.  This has resulted in something more than just visual, with touch being encouraged by those that hold my art.  I love to paint nautical scenes as well as my urban and I now do so in an abstraction style, which never strays far from reality but is very much in line with what I see through my own eyes.