Starting in 2012, I wandered the streets of Portsmouth looking for inspiration from the city life and architecture.  I could be found sketching on street corners and was often mistaken for a vagrant.  I continued this self-taught practise alone until 2014, when I then created a community group inviting others to join me on my wanders until 2017. 
These days I spend most of my time working on acrylic abstraction paintings in the studio. I have adopted a more painterly style which allows for texture with the brush, together with my own scrape techniques.

I love to paint both seascapes and landscapes taken from my own photography as I wander. 

I also participate in the art movement called 'freeart friday', dropping specially prepared paintings made on corrugated cardboard on the streets of Portsmouth UK and wherever I may be visiting.  I always let people know on facebook if I plan to do so.

Thanks for reading and best wishes to you.

Chris Webb - Artist