Chris Webb is an abstraction artist creating landscape paintings inspired by his photography and memories walking along the harbour shoreline in Langstone UK. He adapted his work in line with his sight-loss and continues to successfully paint and appeal to a wide audience. Chris uses scrap techniques today using a palette knife and trowel to sculpt the paint onto the canvas and create a tactile experience as well as visual to those that experience his art.
Chris' practice inspires both abled and disabled individuals to pursue creativity. Inspired by his adaption and determination to create visual art despite his sight-loss and registered blindness. In 2014 he created a group known as 'Portsmouth & Southsea Sketchers' to encourage others to draw & paint plein air, gain confidence and meet like minded people in the community.  He continues to run free events today, championing inclusivity & community on the local art scene.


2014 'Urban Watercolours' at Island City Art in Portsmouth UK.

2015 'Under the Spotlight' at Coastguard Studios in Portsmouth UK.

2016 'Imagination A-Z' at Coastguard Studios in Portsmouth UK.

2016 'Nautical Landscapes' SOLO at Southscene in Portsmouth UK.

2016 'Eco Art Drops' on the street in Portsmouth UK.

2017 'Eco Art Drops II' on the street in Portsmouth UK & Europe.

2018 'Less Sight, More Vision'...details to be announced soon.