Abstraction Artist creating landscape acrylic paintings inspired by his photography and memories walking along the harbour shoreline in Langstone, Hampshire UK.
Established in 2012. Creator of Portsmouth & Southsea Sketchers 2014-17. Previously known as 'Urbansketcher' for many years. Now he is simply known as 'Chris Webb' and signs all his paintings with an 'X' over a circle to represent his blindness. His style has developed over the years to accommodate his rapidly deteriorating untreatable eye condition. He has been registered as partially blind since 2016. The practise of plein air sketching for many years, gave him the skills required to now create paintings from memory of places once visited on his wanders. Earlier this year he put away his brushes and now uses card to scrap and blend the paint upon the paper, varying the pressure to create different effects upon the surface. Working in tones and monchrome has been quite an exciting new way forward for him, as capturing the important elements of a scene are crucial to make this work. Simplifying through abstractions, adding reflections and delicate painted lines are all part of what makes up his work today. You only have to feel the surface of the paintings to realise that he wants to invite other visually impaired people to enjoy his paintings too. Challenging the assumption that visual art is only for the sighted.