Chris Webb is an abstraction painter, creating a unique expressive view of the coastal landscapes he photographs on his wanders.  His abstraction style concentrates on the tones and depth to a painting, shifting from the details to the overall impression of a scene.
The choice of palette you see in his monochrome paintings was a moment realised whilst out wandering on a foggy windless day with the sun trying to break through.  The conditions that day made everywhere seemed higher in contrast and virtually black and white in tones.  Bringing together his abstraction palette knife techniques and the use of a limited palette with thick abstract acrylic paint.  His abstraction paintings are the result of years of experimentation and have become more than just a representation of a given scene.  He sometimes paints the landscape in monochrome, then he will add just one extra colour.  He finds this simplifies the scene and creates a mood that with too much colour would otherwise be dispelled.  However, this certainly doesn't define his work as a whole.  Fauvism has certainly influenced his work over the years, where the use of bold colours and fierce brush strokes or palette knife use are clearly identified in his paintings.
This year has been quite a breath of fresh air for him, whilst seeking new shores to exhibit his art.  His engagement with exhibition themes, has led him to rise to the challenge on a broader range of subjects.  With three international and three UK exhibitions in 2018, his engagement with a wider audience has grown considerably.

Thank you for reading about Chris' work and art processes.

Currently showing

2018 'Ideal Destinations' Curated by ARTbound at Town Hall in Hebden Bridge, North Yorkshire UK.


2018 'The Dark Arts' at The Kings Theatre in Portsmouth UK.


2018 '(In)visible' Curated by Atramental at Espacio Gallery in City of London UK.

2018 'Nostalgia' Curated by Art Number 23 at Municipal Gallery of Piraeus in City of Athens, Greece.

2018 'Bath Life' Summer Exhibition Curated by British Art Salon in City of Bath, Somerset UK.

2018 'Frame of Mind' at Emporium Bar in Portsmouth UK.

2018 'Nostalgia' Curated by Art Number 23 at Misc Arts Center in City of Timisoara, Romania.

2018 'Thresholds' Curated by Gonzo Unit in City of Thessaloniki, Greece.​​

2016 'Waterfront City' SOLO at Southscene in Portsmouth UK.​

2016 'Minds are Worlds Apart' at Coastguard Studios in Portsmouth UK.

2015 'Under the Spotlight' at Coastguard Studios in Portsmouth UK.

2014 'Urban Perspective' at Island City Art in Portsmouth UK.